Online Shopping


What Is ZOOM! Online Shopping?

ZOOM! Online Shopping is a store-branded online shopping program that makes it easy for grocers to get up to speed with eCommerce, a must-have in the grocery industry today. Consumers view online grocery shopping as a welcome convenience that makes the grocery shopping experience more efficient. We can help you create a dynamic shopping experience that offers the best of both worlds with our online and offline services.

  • Your store items, your prices, your fees for services
  • Easy-to-manage store control panel
  • Items from store’s scan files to be included on the online website
  • You control the delivery days and times for your store
  • Substitution capabilities for consumers for any out-of-stock items
  • In-store or credit card payment options
  • Options for curbside pickup at store, home delivery, or both
  • Marketing tools to maximize online store sales
  • Online store operations guide
  • No contract agreement
  • Lowest upfront fees
  • Lowest ongoing fees

Front End

  • Your brand, your items
  • Easy navigation
  • Ability to save favorites
  • Shop from anywhere on any device

Back End

  • Setup minimum order size
  • Import your items & prices
  • Manage custom offers and promotions
  • Email and text confirmations to your customers