• Introducing Digital Fusion

    Multi-channel and omni-channel marketing is becoming more important as customers continue to want to interact with retailers at multiple contact points. But how do you implement multi-channel and omni-channel marketing strategies when you do not know where to start? We’ve got an easy solution: Digital Fusion.

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    Digital Fusion
  • Bright Aisle Mobile App

    Bright Aisle enhances your customers’ shopping experience. As a Bright Aisle participating grocer, use this shopping companion app to increase your promotional reach.

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    Bright Aisle
  • Wave Website Solutions

    Our low-cost website program is one of the most effective and easiest ways to establish your store’s web presence. The Media Solutions Wave website solution offers many features and packages to choose from depending on your store’s size and needs. Let Media Solutions Corp work with you to create the right website for your store.

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  • Social Octane

    Media Solutions Corp’s  Social Octane program is an ideal way to engage your customers in a medium that most are using daily already – Facebook. Social Octane is a subscription based program featuring weekly tips, ideas, images, in an easy-to-post format. It’s been designed to give you a starting point to build your social media presence and keep it engaging for your customers.

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    Social Octane
  • Text Deals

    Media Solutions Corp’s  TEXT DEALS program is an ideal way to increase customer loyalty and foot traffic into your store. Send your customers exclusive time-sensitive text messages in real-time and watch sales and repeat visits soar. Our program is easy to use, very affordable and you can be set up in a very short time. We can even help schedule and send messages for you!

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    Text Deals
  • Digital Signage

    Our reach  digital signage program is a cost-effective digital solution that delivers dynamic and relevant animated displays to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Targeted digital signage provides a fun and effective way to keep your customers engaged, offers far greater ROI than costly printed signage and is much faster to update too!

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  • Services

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      WAVE: Template Websites

      Our low-cost template website program is one of the most effective and easiest w…

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      Bright Aisle Mobile App

      What is Bright Aisle? The grocery shopping companion app for iOS and Android th…

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      REACH: Digital Signage

      What is Reach? Subscription Based Digital Content Program Access to our lib…

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      Custom Websites

      Our staff of designers and programmers can create the perfect custom website to …

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      TEXTDEALS: SMS Alerts

      Easy to use & affordable -- Ability to send customers store-specific text messag…

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      Social Octane

      Social Octane is an ideal way to engage your customers in a medium that most are…

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      Special Deal•ivery

      Special Deal-ivery is an eblast program of pre-made templates, with pre-selected…

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      Animated eBlasts

      Make your eblasts stand out even more. Choose from a variety of layouts.

    • Custom eBlasts

      You have the option to send your customers a customized eblast. Choose from a va…

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