Boost Revenue & Shopper Engagement with Digital Signage



Digital signage has come a long way from the days of DVD players and discs, which have been replaced with computer-driven digital signage players. The applications that digital signage players offer have evolved digital signage into a dynamic marketing tool that is a must-have for multichannel and omnichannel marketing.

For grocers, digital signage offers an easy and effective way to generate sales of products and to communicate and educate shoppers. And digital signage is cost effective and provides you with the flexibility of tailored playlists and schedules.

Here are some examples of digital signage that are informational, helpful, and relevant.




Beauty/appeal shots trigger cravings that entice shoppers to buy.




While customers are shopping for everyday or weekly items, you have an opportunity to get them to buy more via digital signage, especially if the signage is displayed in the ideal department and at the most relevant times.




Add an element of human touch. The imagery and content you display on your digital signage can very much drive purchasing behavior.




In-store campaigns, events, and promotions get a boost when information is displayed on digital signage.




Loyalty/reward programs encourage buying behavior, and sharing this information via digital signage can also encourage loyal viewing behavior.




Use digital signage to help build your brand and gain followers. Adding a ‘Sign Up for Savings!’ or ‘Follow us at…’ message in your playlist is a quick and easy way to build your email distribution lists and lead shoppers to your social media channels.

Today’s consumers prefer eye-catching digital signs over print ads because every part of their day is driven by digital, from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep.

The Digital Pathway to the Register

Prior to smartphones and tablets, if a shopper wanted to make, say, Italian food for dinner, he or she would just go to the store, see what was on the shelf, and make a purchasing decision right then and there. Today’s shopper has many more options when it comes to information and purchasing decisions. From Instagram to YouTube, and online shopping to digital signage, purchasing decisions today are triggered and driven by digital tools that lead shoppers on digital paths to the register.




Are you ready to inspire your customers with digital signage?

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• WYSIWYG digital signage editor/creator

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