Employee Spotlight: Christy Cruz


What is your role at Media Solutions Corporation?

Director of the Pixel, better known as the technical title of Graphic Designer.

What would people never guess you do in your role at Media Solutions Corporation?

Wouldn’t say this is a role but I do have a knack for eliminating fingerprints off our refrigerator. And providing things like WD-40, a tape measure and other random items is not surprising (at least not to me). Clearly my father’s daughter when I have those types of things available at my desk or stashed in my car.

Before working at Media Solutions Corporation, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

For 16 years (1998-2014), I had a part-time job working in the Ticket Office for a Major League Baseball organization–Arizona Diamondbacks.


One of my favorite Arizona Diamondbacks memorabilia is my 2001 World Championship ring. There were different ring designs for players, owners, full-time employees, etc. This is the ‘part-time employee’ ring design. I also have a personal-inscribed-brick set in the plaza just a few feet away from the entry gates of the ballpark–so in a sense my presence is always there.

If you could pick one theme for Media Solutions Corporation to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

A theme I would pick: “In the Know.” I like the transparency in the company and the fact that there is actually follow through with keeping the employees informed on a weekly basis on what is going on within the company, our clients and our industry. This kind of transparency creates a culture of trust within the company and it embraces better employee relationships, alignment, solutions and engagement.

How has Media Solutions Corporation helped you in your career development?

Working on various types of projects whether it is in print media, digital, websites, social media, etc. has renewed my objective of being a versatile graphic designer; or in baseball terms, a utility player. When you work for a great company like MSC, it makes you strive to be an asset to the company. I like learning new things. Keeping up with the current trends and skill sets is never ending in this field of work.

What has been your favorite project at Media Solutions Corporation?

This one is hard to answer because I have enjoyed all of my projects so far in the nine months I have been at MSC. I will say, it is nice when our team can nail a concept for a client in the early stages of the project and the client is completely happy with the work we do for them. It can/has led to more projects with the same company and their affiliates, which is a big grand slam for both teams (the client and MSC).

What’s different about working at Media Solutions Corporation opposed to other companies you’ve worked at before?

I like the collaborative environment; I believe that’s how creative professions get the best work out to their clients. Everyone at MSC is always willing to contribute his or her suggestions and ideas to the task at hand. Some creative and unexpected ideas have come out of just sharing and expressing a thought in our meetings and general conversations with one another. We have great teamwork.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

Patience is persevering towards a goal that will result to its own reward.

Least favorite food?

Sushi. I can’t really say I’ve given it a chance but the thought of raw fish is not appealing to me.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

When I traveled to Australia, I had a taste of kangaroo. I remember it being a shade tougher than the average beef.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

I would name the book ‘Genevieve’ because that was one of the two choices my parents were going to name me. I considered legally changing my name to that when I turned 18 years old but I never followed through with it.

What music is on your iPhone/Android phone?

For the most part, I listen to Gospel/Christian and Flamenco (acoustic guitar). Music favorites include TobyMac, Lilly Goodman and Yolanda Adams. I was first intrigued by Flamenco music when I traveled to Spain almost two decades ago. I love listening to artists like Ottmar Liebert, Benise, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and local Arizona artist, Chris Burton Jácome. Artists like Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are always good too.