MSC Monthly Buzz – November 2015

Digital Marketing Ideas for December

Are you ready to compete?

Five Ideas To Help You Formulate Your December Digital Marketing Campaigns

Everyone understands the benefits of advance planning.  The sooner you map out your digital marketing plans, the more time you’ll have to focus on your execution of those plans.
I just saw an interesting chart showing the Halloween season .  I didn’t realize that 35% of all Halloween related purchases are completed in September or before.  And, less than 20% of Halloween sales happen the two weeks prior to Halloween.  So, if you were promoting Halloween in early September you likely sold more Halloween product than the two weeks leading up to Halloween.  Apparently the folks who spend the most on the holiday get an early start.
Here’s an interesting infographic directed at starting your digital Christmas campaigns into September.  Over 13% of major online retailers mentioned Christmas/Holidays in their emails – the most ever in the past 6 years.

So, it’s time to get your plans in place for December 2015 digital marketing or if your plans are already in place for December – how about  “checking it twice.”

Social Media – Social Octane Posting Ideas 

Posting Holiday related content  on your Facebook page is perhaps the easiest way to connect with FaceBook followers and provide them with holiday greetings and ideas for Holiday meal and party planning.
Get a head start by increasing your weekly Facebook posts during late November.  If you’re a subscriber to Social Octane your December posts will be available on line in a few weeks.

Until then, here’s some late November ideas from Social Octane:

Special Deal-ivery – eBlast Ideas 

It’s easy to send Christmas greetings to your customers by having us put your personal message at the bottom of one of our Special Deal-Ivery emails just before Christmas.
Custom e-blasts are easy to setup for your Holiday Open House, Deli, Meat and Produce party trays and catering for the holidays.
To select one of our Holiday Season email messages, simply to to our Special Dealivery website:

Create Holiday Themed Digital Signage 

For stores on our Digital Signage program, your weekly $10 per store fee covers the use of all our movies so why not create some holiday themed playlists?
If  you’re not on the program…… how about running out today to buy a 32″ flatscreen for the front lobby of your store.  Check Best Buy or other similar stores and you should find one for about $150.
Then, call us to get a media player programmed for your store – and you’re “in business.”
Here’s just a few of the movies that are available and included in your $10 per week subscription fee.

Do you have the Bright Aisle App Yet? 

If so, here’s some ideas for Beacon Alerts and NFC Tags/ QR Codes
Looking for some ideas for your Beacon Alerts, NFC “Tab-able” signs and QR Code signs in your store?
Remember – we can set up your programming for any or all of these promotion ideas at no cost to you.  Just let us know what you want the alerts to be and we’ll do it at no cost to you.