Three Ways to Build Your Presence in the Digital World


Today’s grocery shoppers are more involved and informed, partly because they visit multiple online channels to find food information and to help them with their purchasing decisions. Their connections with the foods they eat are meaningful to them, and they seek better and more personalized ways to experience food. And they’re looking to companies like yours to help them make the right food choices. To be relevant and competitive, grocers should evolve so that they can connect with their customers digitally.

The online community is a great way for food retailers to reach consumers, because consumers eat and shop differently because of the Internet. Digital media is moving full steam ahead and is not slowing down anytime soon. In order for your business to survive, you must refine and optimize your online presence on a regular basis. With just a little bit of effort on your part, we can help you build your digital presence. Here are some smart ideas and tips to consider.

eBlast Your Way into the Minds of Your Customers


Why? Email marketing packs a powerful punch when it comes to delivering messages straight to your target audiences, and eBlasts work well with other channels like mobile. Approximately 80% of users say they read email from their mobile devices. eBlasts are one of the best ways to stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Take Actions

  1. Make sure your coding fits all devices.
  2. Include a call to action (CTA) above the fold. (Note: ‘above the fold’ is the space that can be seen by a viewer when they open the email.)
  3. Make it personal.

How We Can Help

Special Deal-–ivery is an eBlast program that consists of pre-made templates with pre-selected items and pre-selected prices. All you have to do is choose the valid coupon start and end dates. You can customize the item name and brand and adjust the price.

Get Social to Get Insights

image3Why? We all know that the younger generations have an online presence on several social media platforms, but did you know that Baby Boomers have a very strong presence on Facebook? When you engage with your customers on social media, you have an opportunity to create real relationships and you get insights into your customers’ lives. Use the insights you learn about your customers to help guide you with your marketing plans and strategies. Social is a win-win.

Take Actions

  1. Define your audience and find your social media platforms. (Note: If you need help determining this, we can help.)
  2. Be consistent.
  3. Use your time wisely.

How We Can Help

Social Octane is a subscription-based program that allows retailers to choose pre-made Facebook posts that are relevant to everyday foods that sell, food holidays, popular recipes, and more. You can edit the posts to match your brand voice, and you can schedule the posts.

Refresh New Life into Your Brand with an Updated Website


Why? Websites are always evolving, from responsive design to easy content management systems. From a consumer standpoint, the user experience goes a long way.

Take Actions

  1. Make sure your website offers responsive design.
  2. Create quality, clear content.
  3. Include social sharing buttons.

How We Can Help

WAVE is an affordable website program that provides independent grocers with a web presence and a variety of customer-friendly features, including online ads, recipes, health and wellness articles, social sharing buttons, coupon options, web and email analytics, and more. There are several eye-catching themes to choose from, including holiday and seasonal.